About Us

We are Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter, authors of 3 prominent books on culture and generations in the workplace, and culture consultants, founders at Human Workplaces.  We have been arguing for some time that culture change is about making meaningful changes to the way you do things inside your organization in ways that align your culture with what makes you successful. 

With our consulting clients, we call those changes "culture plays," that they might include in a "Culture Playbook". Plays can be small or large, low hanging fruit or long term infrastructure changes.  They can be defensive, protecting and preserving the cultural priorities you're known for, or offensive, shifting how things work when the old ways aren't serving you anymore.  Sometimes those plays involve changing HR or talent-related processes. Sometimes they involve using a new technology to increase communication or collaboration. Sometimes they involve creating artifacts that help define and support a new culture.  Often, plays involve searching for new tools and resources to help an organization work differently in some way. That's where this site comes in.

To Run A Play, You'll Need Some Tools

Unlike a lot of HR-related review sites and buyers guides, we have scientifically validated theory and research behind our approach. We developed a model for understanding culture that is baked into our culture assessment, the Workplace Genome. (See the Culture Model for more detail). Every tool on our site addresses at least 1 of the 8 Culture Markers. We only want tools on this site that are relevant to creating a powerful culture in the 21st century.

Human Workplaces

You may see references sprinkled throughout this site to our home base, Human Workplaces, and you can read all about our culture consulting there. It's the best place to go to get the whole story of our collaboration over the last decade or so. You can also get a peek into some future projects we're developing and see our bios.

Other projects that are part of Human Workplaces:

  • Online training - on-demand training for culture-related topics including conflict resolution training, generational differences and culture management.
  • Speaking and facilitation - book Jamie Notter for keynote speaking and other workshop facilitation.
  • And more!