The gapingvoid path: Creating Impact

Much of our work revolves around understanding and then visualizing and articulating beliefs that help leaders lead. We create awesome tools that build culture and spread beliefs. We do this through digital images, and art.

We are best known for our immersive art installations, and many have become shrines to ideas. These are awesome projects, but require awesome budgets, so we extracted the highest impact device we create, which we call the ‘culture wall’, a collection of 12-30 of your most important beliefs that are then illustrated and created as individual framed artworks installed on a wall in a grid format.

The result is a sacred space in your office that becomes the metaphorical and physical home to your beliefs and culture. This installation is used for meetings, facilitations, to orient new hires, interviews, etc. The images can be used digitally and totally customized to fit into your organizations’ brand colors.

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