Get In Front of Decision Makers Who Are Actively Working on Culture

The users of this site are working with us to develop action plans for improving culture that they will soon pitch to management for approval. They are not passively interested in your product area--they are actively looking for specific solutions. These are the people you want to be in front of. Here are some basic questions and answers for tool providers:

Q: Is it free to be listed?
A: Yes. This is not advertising. It's a vetted list of resources, and we often don't even tell providers that we're listing them here. But we're happy to partner with you to craft how your listing is presented and what information is included. In all the basic listings, the logo will link back to the listing company website.

Q: Can any product or service be listed here?
No. We only put up products and services that are designed to change or strengthen workplace culture—and specifically within at least one of the culture markers that we address in our culture model (agility, collaboration, growth, inclusion, innovation, solutions, technologies, and transparency). If you can't claim to be addressing at least one of those areas, then this isn't the site for you. And we don't list competitive culture assessments or consultancies (obviously). This site is for tools/services to be employed after that point anyway.

Q: Why are the first tools on the Listing page outlined in gold/silver?
You have the option of signing up for an Enhanced Listing, which secures that preferred placement—plus a host of other benefits, like a separate HTML page about your product/service that you can edit, and a space in the listing where users can request to contact you with the push of a button (we'll send those leads directly to you). Contact us to learn about the different options and pricing.

Q: Can I control the reviews that are written about my product/service?
Not exactly. Providers with Enhanced Listings do have the opportunity to reply to reviews in the site, so you can tell your side of the story. But you can't have any removed or edited (with some rare exceptions; see our terms of use for details). The integrity of the reviews is critical to how this site works.

Q: What if a competitor is leaving bad reviews about my product/service?
A: It's not allowed. That's one reason why we individually evaluate every review that is posted to the site before it goes up. Reviewing a competitor violates the Terms of Use.

Q: I want to make sure I have some good reviews up it okay for me to offer an incentive to my current customers to leave one?
A: Absolutely. We just ask them to click the "incentivized review" button when they are leaving the review.