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Our organization uses Basecamp internally and externally (with clients) to manage a wide variety of projects, initiatives and events.  We've found that user adoption is easy and the interface is intuitive -- so things get done!  I'm sure we're not using every feature we could use, but even at the level we've chosen to adopt - we have increased the effectiveness and efficiency of managing projects including in those critical areas of communication, collaboration and documentation.

Basecamp also has a mobile app -- making it easy for mobile-friendly users to stay abreast of project ongoings, receive alerts and interact on-the-fly.

Here are some of the ways we've used Basecamp:

- Client onboarding (scheduling communicating and documenting the process of getting new clients onboarding); projects include internal team members, client contacts and vendor contacts

- Event planning (holiday parties, bbq picnics, baseball games, etc.) -- used to assign ownership of tasks, track accountability, report progress, etc

- Meetings -- used to capture talking points, document decisions, assign and schedule tasks

- Technology Planning -- used to create roadmaps for our clients, spanning 3 years into the future, outlining the recommendations, timelines, costs and approvals of related technology and security initiatives.


All in all, we haven't found a simpler solution that accomplishes such a wide array of use-cases into a single, intuitive, friendly user-interface.